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Easy Marriage in Denmark

We make bureaucracy easy for couples who are looking for a simple & intimate town hall wedding ceremony in Denmark. We handle your application to the Danish Government to avoid long delays and ensure that everything is done right the first time. Let us help you have a hassle-free wedding experience in Denmark.

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Application Service


We'll assist in collecting and arranging your documents for a successful marriage application, plus support you in scheduling your ceremony at your preferred town hall.

Dedicated Support


Our customer support team is dedicated to providing exceptional assistance. We're here to address any inquiries or concerns promptly, ensuring a seamless experience throughout your journey with us.

Multilingual Team

Our fantastic team consists of Danish and international experts, each meticulously trained in every phase of the process, ensuring a highly professional and secure service tailored just for you.

Apostille Service

You might require an Apostille to validate your wedding certificate for use outside Denmark. Our Apostille service is accessible, even if you haven't utilized our other services.

Requirements to get married in Denmark

These articles are designed specifically for you as a couple, aiming to provide a thorough insight into the process of Getting Married in Denmark, tailored to your needs.

  • Is it possible for any couple to get married in Denmark?
    Many couples consider to Get Married in Denmark for diverse reasons like: Avoiding extensive administrative processes in their home country. Opting for a grand celebration elsewhere and seeking a swift and simple legal procedure. Preferring an intimate ceremony and hearing Denmark is the ideal place. The documentation is straightforward, the process is swift, and Denmark is a fantastic destination. The people are welcoming, transportation is convenient, and with our assistance, your journey here for the ceremony will be remarkably smooth. Get Married in Denmark as a Foreigner You might wonder what it's like to marry in Denmark as a foreigner. Copenhagen and various town halls across Denmark witness numerous international weddings. We can provide insights into this process. You might wonder: What does a Danish town hall wedding entail? Any involvement of Vikings? (Admittedly, not a common inquiry!) But many of our couples do ask about the ceremony in Denmark. Get Married in Denmark as a Same-sex Couple Are you contemplating a same-sex wedding in Denmark? Absolutely! The LGBTQ+ community thrives in Denmark, and same-sex weddings are warmly embraced.
  • How long do we need to stay in Denmark?
    There are No minimum stay required, You do not need to have entered Denmark when applying to get married. However To get married in Denmark, you must be able to legally enter Denmark and stay here. There are different requirements for entering and staying depending on what country you are from. Most couples will usually be in Denmark for1- 2 days; one day to present your documentation and the second day to have your wedding ceremony.
  • How fast can we get married in Denmark?
    In Denmark, the process to get married can take as little as 1 week (if you're in a hurry) to a maximum of around 4–5 weeks depending on how busy the Agency of Family Law is at that point.
 But every case is different and therefore it depends on your specific situation.
  • What is the price to use your service to assist us getting married ?
    We offer different packages at different price points • Essencial Wedding (€ 295 + Government fees) If you choose this package, we will aid you in the preparation of your ceremony. We will provide detailed instructions and guidance. All of the applications have to be paid separately, additional fee of €295 when sending the wedding application to the government, which is NOT included in this package. • Elope Wedding (€795) - ALL INCLUSIVE Our Elope Wedding Package includes everything you need for your wedding in Denmark. We assist you from start to finish, all we need from you are your required documents and we handle the rest.
  • Are all Government fee's included?
    Yes, All fees are included in our Quick & Easy Elope Package
  • When do we have to pay for your service?
    Before we can proceed with the application of your documents, it is our company policy that we need to receive payment to start working on your case. After the payment, we are able to submit your documents to the Danish Government for review. You can choose different payment options, either by receiving an invoice in your E-mail or by paying directly through the website.
  • Can anyone marry in Denmark?
    People from all over the world can get married in Denmark, and people from all over the world have been coming to Denmark to marry since the 60’s and today around 15,000 foreign couples come to Denmark to marry every year to get married. Many of these couples are in multi-national relationships who choose to journey to Denmark for their special day to avoid cumbersome bureaucracy in their residing countries. Some couples are just looking for somewhere for a discreet elopement and others have bigger celebrations planned in a different country. Denmark welcomes people from all nations, as long as the requirements are met. The only exception can be if you currently have asylum seeker or refugee residential status - then you can not get married.
  • What are the conditions to get married in Denmark?
    To get married in Denmark, you must both have turned 18 years of age and you must both be unmarried. If one of you has previously been married, the previous marriage must have been dissolved before you can remarry. Marriage between close relatives is not permitted, and if one of you is under guardianship, the guardian must consent to the marriage. But every case is different and we are happy to assist you in evaluating your eligibility to get married in Denmark.
  • What Documents do we need to get married in Denmark ?
    -Valid Passport Or ID Card The only document required for everyone. Requirements for your passport when entering Denmark • Your passport must be valid for at least 3 months beyond your stay. • Your passport must contain at least 2 empty pages. • Your passport must have been issued within the last 10 years. A passport with a validity period exceeding 10 years cannot be used as travel documentation in Denmark beyond the first 10 years from the date the passport was issued. This also applies if the expiry date of your passport has been extended beyond a validity period of 10 years from the date it was issued. -Notice Of Marriage -Power Of Atterney Documents you and your partner might need: A Valid Visa And Schengen Area Entry Stamps If one or both partners is required a Visa to enter Denmark. A Residence Permit. If one or both partners live in a different country then where you are a citizen. A Divorce Decree Or Death Certificate If one or both partners has been married before. Original Birth Certificates For Any Children You Have With Your Partner. Not for children you have individually. Persons Of The Military Will Require Permission From Their Commander If one or both partners are in military service, they might require a statement of permission to marry from their commanding officer. Original Birth Certificate In most cases your birth certificate is not necessary. A Certificate Proving Your Current Single Status From Your Current Country Of Residence. In most cases your single status certificate is necessary.
  • Can I get married on a Turist Visa?
    Yes, getting married in Denmark with a tourist visa is absolutely possible. You don’t need to be residing in Denmark to get married here. We know this is a requirement for many countries but it’s not a requirement in Denmark. You can get married here even though you’re not a citizen or a resident. It’s no problem if you have a tourist visa, or work visa, as long as you can enter the country, you can still get married in Denmark.
  • When should we start the planning process?
    We recommend that you start planning as soon as possible, in most cases couples are married within 2-4 weeks after we start the process. We always advise you to wait booking flights/hotel until we have processed your documents, and have received the government confirmation. We also recommend that you wait booking flights / hotel until we are able to confirm the date of your ceremony. After thee confirmation, you can start planning your wedding as well as your stay in Denmark. We are also happy to help you with your travel arrangements!
  • How does the Application Process work?
    The Agency of Family Law’s application process is an online platform. You would be required to complete an extensive form online and upload the relevant documentation. By law, they are required to get back to you about your application within 5 days. The same goes for any amendments or extra documentation required. Once they have responded there is no longer any requirement to get back to you within a certain timeframe and they will prioritize other new applications before replying to you again. When you choose our Elope Wedding Package we carry out the application process for you. We have a agency phone line to the Agency of Family Law and this helps us find solutions to any issues that may arise.
  • When do we have to pay for your service?
    Before we can proceed with the application of your documents, it is our company policy that we need to receive payment to start working on your case. After the payment, we are able to submit your documents to the Danish Government for review. You can choose different payment options, either by receiving an invoice in your E-mail or by paying directly through the website.
  • Can we as a Same-Sex couple get legally married in Denmark?
    ABSOLUTELY! Denmark was the first country in the world to grant recognition to same-sex unions in 1989. You marriage will be reorganized and you will receive a international wedding certificate valid around the world.
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