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Documents & Details

To assist couples understand how the entire process works, and help you to avoid making any errors that could compromise your marriage application, we have made a comprehensive list below about the documents required to get married in Denmark. 

Requirements can vary depending on where you come from and how soon you’re planning to marry, but as a general rule, all couples will need to supply the following documents for both partners:



The only document required for everyone is Valid Passport Or ID Card


To understand your current situation and background you need to fill the Notice of Marriage application 


To be able to assist you and apply on your behalf you will need to grant us the rights to apply on your behalf by filling the Power of Attorney 


Depending on your situation and background, that Danish government might require more documents 

Documents you and your partner will need to get married in Denmark:

Your Passport must:

  • Be valid for at least three months longer than the length of your stay.

  • Have at least two blank pages left in them.

  • Have been issued within the last ten years.

Documents you and your partner might need:

  • A copy of your Valid Visa And Schengen Area Entry Stamps

If one or both partners is required a Visa to enter Denmark.

  • A copy of your Residence Permit.

If one or both partners live in a different country then where you are a citizen.

  • A copy of your Divorce Decree Or Death Certificate

If one or both partners has been married before.

  • A copy of your Certificate Proving Your Current Single Status From Your Current Country Of Residence.

In most cases your single status certificate is not necessary.

  • A copy of your Original Birth Certificate

In most cases your birth certificate is not necessary.

  • A copy of your Original Birth Certificates For Any Children You Have With Your Partner.

Not for children you might have individually.

  • Persons Of The Military Will Require Permission From Their Commander

If one or both partners are in military service, they will require a statement of permission to marry from their commanding officer.

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