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The Danish International Marriage Certificate - A Comprehensive Guide

Delve into the details of the Danish international marriage certificate in this comprehensive article, designed to answer all your queries about this essential document.

Whether you're eagerly awaiting your wedding day or navigating administrative requirements, understanding the Danish wedding certificate can be crucial.

Can I change my name on the Wedding Certificate?

No, it’s not possible because to change your name on the wedding certificate.


The wedding certificates states the names from your passport or travel ID at the time of marriage.


To change your name after your wedding, you must do this in the country you reside in as it’s not possible to do in Denmark unless you reside here. 

Is it possible to obtain more than two copies of the marriage certificate?

Can we have the original marriage certificate ?

No, unfortunately not, the original marriage certificate signed by the registrar and the witnesses will be kept in the Town Hall / City Hall archives for 50 years.


You can read more about what certificates you get and how they look further down in this article. 

What languages is on the Marriage Certificate?

Displayed above is an example of the international marriage certificate issued in Denmark. If you need a new copy of this certificate, the process is relatively straightforward, yet there are essential points to consider.

The primary consideration might surprise some individuals: correctly identifying the town hall where the marriage was registered. While it's easy for couples married in well-known cities like Copenhagen to recall, for others married decades ago in lesser-known locations, remembering becomes a puzzle. We've supported couples in retracing these memories, sometimes requiring detective work to determine the exact town hall.

Please don't feel uneasy if the town hall eludes your memory.

Another vital aspect is the need for legalisation. Although your marriage holds global legality, for administrative purposes in your country of residence, Apostille legalisation might be required. This legalisation ensures the document's equivalence in the laws of your residing country.

You might question if your wedding certificate requires legalisation. In our experience, even for administrative use, it's beneficial to have a legally sanctioned document. Given tightening regulations globally, many administrative offices now demand legalised certificates.

Our Apostille Legalisation Service ensures the safe return of your certificate via tracked UPS service, guaranteeing its authenticity. While town halls usually send certificates via untracked normal post, our legalisation service offers secure delivery, ensuring peace of mind.

If you seek assistance in obtaining new copies of your Danish Wedding Certificate or have queries, we're here to assist.

Our team is available to respond promptly during office hours, ensuring a smooth experience.

For further insights into the Apostille and the Hague Convention or to explore our Apostille Service, feel free to reach out. We're committed to making your documentation process hassle-free.


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