How to apply for marriage in Denmark in 5 easy steps

Let’s start with the basics for getting married in Denmark.

To marry in Denmark, you must both have turned 18 years of age and you must both be unmarried.

If one of you has previously been married, the previous marriage must have been dissolved before you can remarry.

Marriage between close relatives is not permitted, and if one of you is under guardianship, the guardian must consent to the marriage.

Requirements can vary depending on where you come from and how soon you’re planning to marry, but as a general rule, all couples will need to supply the following documents for both parties:

Depending on your personal situation, you might also need one or more of the following documents to meet the requirements to get married in Denmark:

  • A valid Visa and Schengen Area entry stamps.
  • A residence permit.
  • A divorce decree or death certificate if one or both parties has been married before.
  • Original birth certificates for any children you have with your partner.
  • A certificate proving your current single status from your current country of residence.
  • If one or both partners are in military service, they will require a statement of permission to marry from their commanding officer.

Please proceed with the following 5 easy steps to apply for marriage:


Download and print the following 2 documents: 





Prepare the required documents:

  • Your passport – you must enclose photos of all pages in your passport including the cover page and the back page, and also blank pages – the pictures must be in color and it is important that they are of very good quality.
  • Your ID card (only applicable to EU citizens) – we must receive photos of both sides of the ID card– the pictures must be in color and it is important that they are of very good quality
  •  Documentation of the right to enter and stay in Denmark. 
  • Certificate of marital status (if applicable) from your current country of residence. If you live in Denmark, you do not have to attach documentation of your marital status
  • Residence certificate or other documentation if you cohabit abroad. The document must be enclosed in both the original language and translated to either English or German.
  • Original Birth Certificates For Any Children You Have With Your Partner, If you have one or more children together - birth certificate(s) of your child/children. The document must be submitted in both the original language and translated to either English or German.
  • Final Divorce Certificate, If you have previously been married, you must enclose documentation that the marriage has been dissolved by divorce, death or annulment:
  • photo or copy of divorce decree or
  • photo or copy or death certificate
  • photo or copy or marriage annulment.

The documents must be enclosed in both the original language and translated to either English or German.

It may be required that the documents are legalized or get an apostille stamp. 


When you have all required documents ready - please proceed with the following:

  • Fill in this online application form so we know who you are
  • Choose your wedding package (and additional services)
  • Pay for your wedding package (online payment is required)
  • Get all the above listed required documents ready - and email them to us 

Next step is to sit back and relax while we work for you

Upon receipt of your documents and payment of the service fee, we will check the documents thoroughly and forward them to the Danish authorities for approval.
Once your documents have been approved by the Danish authorities, we will confirm your wedding date/location.


While you are waiting for the approval, please consider the following:

  • Decide if you want your wedding certificate(s) with a Apostille

Please note that if you are going to use your wedding certificate outside of Europe and want an apostille/legalization of the certificate, this can be arranged against a fee of €200 (for 1 certificate)



Once your documents had been approved, next step is to arrange the wedding date and your ceremony: 

  • Please inform us on your thoughts, wishes and dreams for your wedding day.
  • Do you need accommodation / are you planning to stay some days in Denmark?
  • Rember to bring your passport to the wedding ceremony.
  • No other documents is required at your wedding ceremony.